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  1. Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial (Intro)

    by TutsRus•5 years ago•435,608 views

    Introduction tutorial to VB6. Learn a bit about the IDE, and make a Hello World application.

  2. Visual Basic 6.0 – Using a combo box – Tutorial 2

    by BoneOfDestruction•3 years ago•46,700 views

    Hey guys, im Suff ,today i am gonna teach you how to use combo box in Visual Basic 6.0 for adding extras to text field.

  3. Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial – Simple Login System

    by Deaob•3 years ago•7,753 views

    Code : Private Sub Command1_Click() If Text1.Text = “Deaob” And Text2.Text = “Password” Then MsgBox “Logged In Successfully

  4. Learn Visual Basic 6 VB6 -101- Tutorial Project 1 Part1

    by Gymjunnky•5 years ago•105,645 views

    Gymjunnky.com welcomes you to a Tutorial on Very Basic lesson on Learning to program in VB6 in this 1st part we learn how to

  5. Visual Basic 6 Tutorial, Menu Editor

    by skinhead2582•2 years ago•9,785 views

    VB 6 menu editor

  6. Visual Basic 6.0 : Simple Calculator ( Tutorial )

    by ECOKECO•3 years ago•18,947 views

    Visual Basic 6.0 : Simple Calculator ( Tutorial )

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  7. Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial Port Scanner

    by daviddenisa•3 years ago•4,064 views

    Tutorial Visual Basic 6.0 !!! Port Scanner By [-DT-]-GhosT.NiGhT

  8. Visual Basic 6.0 msgbox tutorial

    by Esand15•5 years ago•17,203 views

    Don’t understand the tutorial? Go to my website at http://www.VB6Beginners.com and send us a email through the Feed Back page or

  9. LAN Chat program Simple Tutorial Visual Basic Network

    by kirgy9•5 years ago•126,222 views

    This is a simple LAN Chat program written in visual basic 6.0. It is a step by step guide to programing your own LAN chat

  10. VB 6.0 / Visual Basic 6.0 Database Tutorial with listview add, save, delete, edit, search data

    by ChipHead21•2 years ago•93,001 views

    If you want to see the codes and have a copy of it.. go to this URL = http://www.dropbox.com just change the path of the database in

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  11. Hoe to make a calculator in visual basic 6.0 tutorial

    by nextblain•4 years ago•12,596 views

    just have fun of this cool tutorial that teaches you how to design a calculator in microsoft visual basic 6.0 if you have

  12. Simple Calendar Tutorial in Visual Basic 6.0

    by vAMFiXED•1 year ago•3,931 views

    This is a tutorial on how to create a simple calendar .. you can make your own design.. You can ask me regarding this tutorial

  13. tutorial de visual basic 6 -(español) parte 1

    by Freddy Rosales•3 years ago•67,263 views

    La suma de dos numeros enteros , espero k les sea de gran ayuda

  14. 2nd Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial

    by TutsRus•5 years ago•99,580 views

    2nd lesson in my arsenal of Visual Basic tutorials. Here, you’ll learn how to make a small application that will modify a

  15. NetCOBOL for Windows Tutorial: Debugging Visual Basic 6 Calling COBOL

    by AlchemySolutions•2 years ago•875 views

    Matt Moser NetCOBOL for Windows tutorial covering: – Overview of Visual Basic 6 calling COBOL – Debugging Visual Basic 6

  16. Advanced Message Box – Visual Basic 6 tutorial

    by esproman•4 years ago•40,538 views

    Code: Dim warning As Integer warning = MsgBox(“Do you really want to remove the evil virus?”, vbCritical + vbYesNo, “WARNING

  17. universidad Mariano galvez video tutorial visual Basic 6.0-ing Marco Barrientos

    by eswin231•1 year ago•1,019 views

    video tutorial creado por estudiantes de la universidad Mariano Galvez de Guatemala, facultad de ingenieria en sistemas

  18. Advanced spammer tutorial (visual basic 6.0) part 2/2

    by djpommes•4 years ago•7,935 views

    This is a tutorial on how to make an advanced spammer in VB 6.0. this is part 1 out of 2. you can download the finished


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